What is SEO

If you own, run or manage a business than you are well aware that everyone and their brother will offer you SEO services. Even if you have ever just registered a domain your email will be flooded with emails of all sorts all offering some variation of Internet marketing services. Most are in broken English and just give you a bad vibe about all SEO agencies. But if you have been building your business solely on work of mouth you may be wondering what SEO is and what the heck it means.

When you open your email, turn on the tv, facebook, radio or drive you will see and hear ads, billboards and commercials. Pretty much every ad you see and hear are the same junk. All promising you the world as long as you sign up for an annual contracted. And that is all they care about. Get you signed up take your money and you never hear from them again until you stop paying the bill. You pay a lot of money just to feel like you are doing what you know has to be done. If you have a bad taste in your mouth about SEO than you already know about Yellow Pages, Dex Media, and Yext.

These “big boys” don’t care about your goals or business they just need to make sure they are signing up more people each month than are leaving. You will know you are on the right track of discovering an SEO company that will actually help you when the company wants to review all your business information, plans and goals before proceeding with pricing. This means they are just as concerned about your business making a ton of cash as they are about paying their own bills.

Now why do you need SEO and what exactly it? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. To sum up SEO for all to understand it helps your website, product, video, or pictures be found in Google’s organic search results. Organic just meaning natural and not an ad. On each page of Google there are 10 organic search results, from webpages to videos. For local searches like “plumbers near me” you will also see what is called the Google Snack pack. This is the map area that shows 3 businesses near you that provide the service or product you are looking for.

If you are reading this than you already know being on the first page of Google is key to growing your profits from online leads and sales. The vast majority of people never make it to page 2 so if you aren’t on page 1 than it’s like you don’t even have a website, kind of like the age old question “if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”

Page 2 means you are losing a ton of cash to those 10 competitors that are proudly displayed in the first 10 results. Having quality trusted SEO helps get you there. Massive amounts of work is involved to do SEO on any website, video or product. That is why you should run away as fast as you can when you are being offered $99 or $199 for monthly services. Quality SEO work has too much involved to get any actual meaning changes to your rankings at this below poverty rate.

Search engine optimization done correctly consists of all sorts of variables if you want long lasting meaningful results. Every product, video, business and site will be different but some of the key things that happen during the optimizing are:

  • Optimizing every word on your site
  • Optimizing the pictures on your website from size to the geo tagging code
  • Optimizing every description and alt tag of any picture on your site
  • Optimizing the footer section
  • Optimizing the header section
  • Properly tracking traffic, clicks, visit durations, bounce rates
  • Optimizing the inner link structure on each page
  • Making sure you have a solid social media platform
  • Providing great optimized content that is useful to readers
  • Sharing, liking, tweeting +1ing on social media
  • Having other sites give you the head nod triggering Google to pay attention to you
  • Making great optimized videos, with titles, descriptions, closed captions and links
  • Sharing those videos
  • Providing relevant and meaningful info to your customers, not just sales letters and coupons.
  • Making sure you website is mobile-friendly and mobile optimized

This is just the start of what a reputable SEO company will do for your business, website, videos and or products! Further details are just boring and won’t make sense to anyone outside of the field of internet marketing.

So now are equipped with more knowledge on what SEO is and what is involved so the next time you are offered services for less than the guy at McDonalds charges you can scratch your head and wonder how any one could actually help you grow your online presence for pennies an hour. Also just say no to anyone promising a #1 ranking! It is completely impossible for anyone to know what Google will do tomorrow and making promises you have no control of is irresponsible and just plain stupid. Another thing to remember when it comes to SEO is you are looking at 6-9 months to be on the first page in a competitive market. The awesomeness of doing optimizing correctly though is once you get up there on page 1 of your company can really scale back, and monthly fees should reflect that.

If you are looking for quality internet marketing there is an Albany SEO agency that can really help drive more traffic to your website and help you pocket a ton of cash when all is said and done.

Making Digital Internet Marketing & Security Meet Hand In Hand

There are very few business owners who think about Internet Marketing for their business and online security at the same time. While both topics are extremely important, there aren’t necessarily a lot of places where they seem to meet – at least at first glance. However if you dig just a little bit deeper then it quickly becomes apparent that the two might be a lot more closely related than you originally thought.

The Internet and Security

Any time you’re thinking about Internet marketing it is a very good idea to make sure you are also thinking about security, as well.

Should You Get An SSL Certificate?

This is a question that used to seem really clear as far as a yes/no answer, but it’s a bit more muddled now. If your website processes payments directly then it absolutely needs to have an SSL for the sake of providing security. In theory, if you gather any personal information and that even includes picking up e-mail addresses, you’re supposed to have an SSL certificate, although many sites didn’t used to.

Google has made comments that it does give an SEO boost to websites that have an SSL certificate. There have even been rumors that in the future Google will want to see an SSL on every major website they rank. While it’s hard to imagine massive penalties for business and niche sites that don’t have an SSL, a few years ago it was hard to imagine massive SEO penalties for every website that was not mobile friendly, but that happened.

Internet marketers looking at the long term health of their website or their clients’ websites will at least have to give it some thought.

Protect Your Website From Malware

One thing that will cause a website and all its associated online accounts to get slapped out of the rankings is malware. This can be from bad coding within a website theme, a malicious attack from a hacker, or a variety of other potential issues. The problem is that the after effects can go well after an initial attack.

If you have any type of a reputation from a Google search crawl or Yahoo search crawl, it can take an actual request for inclusion to break back in. What happens if Norton or an anti-virus monitor has you has a problem website or one with a history of malware? Look for high security and good software solutions from the beginning. It’s worth the extra payment for protection so your Internet marketing efforts don’t end up being for nothing.

Because make no mistake, no matter how well the programs are going, that will stop cold the moment problems with harmful software or malware comes into the picture. This is also why long and detailed passwords are so popular for both a hosting account and for the website design.

In Conclusion

Internet marketing is great, but without solid security you’re just asking for trouble. Attention is great when it’s the good kind from customers – but you have to be ready for the potential issues that could be right there

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