Local SEO can be a Boon to Your Business

It comes down to this: your phone needs to ring. For that to happen, your business needs to be visible in local search results – particularly Google Places (AKA Google+), Yelp and N49, and also more localized search engines. Getting your business to the first page – the only page that matters – is a challenging and complex issue and not one that can be managed by amateurs. Various aspects of your online presence need to be managed if you are to be truly successful.

Local-SEO1Google Places Listing

Auditing your Google Places listing is one of the essential steps to getting search engine results. Local SEO people best see the local picture and can implement fixes and make sure it’s perfectly optimized.


So very, very important. It’s essential to determine which specific words and phrases local customers use to search for the product or service you offer. A local SEO firm will also create a reporting system that allows you to monitor the results of their efforts.

Link Auditing

Google monitors links constantly, penalizing businesses that have put unsuitable links in place. Most businesses are unaware they have been penalized, but it’s important to find out if yours has and then correct the situation.


Your existing citations need to be analyzed and compared to those of your competitors. This enables identifying new citation opportunities in your area. Then, of course, your local SEO specialist will get you listed. Also, your existing citations could very well require corrections and removal of duplicates and your listings need to be enhanced with as much appropriate information as possible.


Of course, it’s all for naught if you don’t have an engaging website that gives potential clients the information they need. A good SEO firm will fine-tune your site, making sure you have all the right pages and ensuring all those pages are well-built. Your site’s success is also determined by myriad things “behind the scene”, which they also attend to, working hand-in-hand with you to get the improvements in place.


Good reviews, or “social proof”, are an essential part of today’s business. You role in getting good reviews that attract new customers is by making customers happy and encouraging them to post positive reviews. But there’s a little more to it, again “behind the scene”, and that’s where a local SEO organization will help.

Content Help

The content on your web site is critical, though it isn’t as easy as some think. The expertise to make sure that your content is appropriate, attractive and effective is specialized and should not be left to amateurs.

Social Media

This is a big – and growing – aspect of business success and figuring out which social sites are important to your business isn’t easy. Nor is managing your social content and campaigns.

Ongoing Strategy

SEO doesn’t maintain itself. Search engines constantly change algorithms and your competitors regularly adjust their Internet presence in an effort to get to the top and stay there. That’s why you need to monitor your online strategies and make the changes that will keep you on the first page and keep your phone ringing. Good, local SEO businesses represent the best way for you to do that.