Marketing For a Brick and Mortar Home Service Business

Contractors that build homes and offer remodeling services understand the importance of a good marketing plan. Keeping their name and services at the top of the mind of their local community ensures them a chance to get more business. Plumbers can learn from this model and incorporate some of the same aspects of their plan.

Develop a Specific Marketing Plan

Most contractors specialize in a certain area or niche. Plumbers would be wise to do the same thing. Putting together a plumbing marketing plan that spells out the expertise and specialties of the plumber will help them stand out from the crowd. Whether they choose to work on new construction, remodels, luxury homes, or repair work, finding a unique spot and sticking with it will lead to more customers and better rates.

As part of their marketing plan, plumbers need to list their specialty on every form of communication. Fliers sent to new customers, an email campaign to past clients, and a prominent page on their website should all have the same story to tell: this plumber is a specialist in what you need and he is the one to call.

Build Relationships

Many successful people have stated that the surest way to excel at something is to find someone that has already succeeded in the business and follow in their footsteps. Plumbers can use this analogy by copying the success of a contractor marketing plan from another field and adopting it to fit their needs since there is nothing that says you have to stick just to plumbing. If a Sheetrock contractor has a great site that pulls in traffic then by all means use that as a foundation.

Clogged toilets, blocked drains, burst pipes and many other plumbing problems should supply local plumbers with a continuous flow of job requests. Despite the growing demand for repair, replacement and installation of plumbing systems, licensed plumbers encountered difficulties at increasing their sales. Getting business phones ringing with customers is not a matter of professional skills and expertise, but a question of how many people are aware of your skills.

Online Marketing Plan

A good online marketing raises sales by making plumbing businesses visible to as many people as possible. Traditional plumbing marketing was usually conducted through word of mouth where good services where recommended from one person to the next. But word of mouth is becoming ineffective in today’s internet age where more people are using the internet to find their service providers. Having the ability to increase sales beyond the limits of word of mouth promotion, internet marketing for plumbers is becoming more crucial than ever before.

Add Business Details To An Online Directory

By connecting nationwide customers to local plumbing service professionals in all 50 states, a plumbers directory simultaneously offers an outstanding platform for skilled plumbers to advertise and sell their services 24/7. Advertising their business on many plumbing directories, plumbers in different States made their services visible to as many potential customers as possible. Plumbing marketing in the form of online plumbing directories increase business visibility and therefore also plumbing sales.

Businesses like plumbing services generally operate locally and as such need to target prospects in a particular geographic location. Therefore, you need to find the most effective ways to market your business in your region. Remember that successful plumbing marketing does not require you to pump in huge amounts of money into it. Rather, it calls for an investment of deliberation and planning. The best way is to think like a customer with a plumbing requirement. How would he/she go about finding a good local plumber? In nearly all the cases, internet is the source everyone turns to. This means that to make a success out of your business, you have to ensure that it is easily found online. This is the first step that will lead the potential customers to walk through your door or pick up the phone to ring you up.

Getting your business listed is quite simple; the bigger issue is to find the best local business directory from among the many directories existing online. Conduct a research to zero in on one that is well-respected and has an impressive loyal following. It must not focus unduly on pops-ups and advertisements. It should allow you to give your detailed business information like physical address, web address, phone numbers, areas and hours of operation and location map, along with business profile and marketing video clips. Another desirable feature of the directory is that it should allow the customers to rate and review your plumbing business.

Who to Hire

The directory listings are usually offered free of cost. There are even some directories that carry your plumbing business listing without your request or acknowledgement. It is advisable to claim the listing as yours and ensure that it has authentic information. The local business directory listing is a great way of increasing the visibility of your business among the customers as well as the internet search engines. This is a time consuming job and is better left to an agency who knows how to get it done efficiently. This specific task is only beneficial if it is done correctly, meaning every time hour name, address and phone number is listed somewhere it needs to be an exact copy of your Google listing and what’s on your website.

NAP = Name, Address, Phone Number

Here is a great example of a plumbing company who jobbed this out to a professional. If you click through to the address at the bottom of this site you’ll see that the NAP listed here is exactly the same as what is on their website. If you go a little further and inspect their Google business listing you’ll find that the NAP is exactly the same there as well. This is key to getting the most out of your online advertising investment.

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