How To Attract More Qualified Prospects Online

It’s no secret that your customers are searching for you online. Statistics show that a majority of people prefer to research a product or service online before buying rather than looking in the Yellow Pages for instance. Consumers have matured over the last few decades and will make a buying decision once they are satisfied with what they find.

Smart business owners recognize that trend and are taking steps to increase their online visibility, so the competition is heating up right now for local search engine optimization. The entry fee for an effective online presence can be pricey, and the choices are either do it yourself or hire someone. Online marketing done correctly it is a time consuming slow growth process with purpose.

How Customers Find You Online

Studies show that a majority of online searches have local intent and that about 30% of those searches end with a purchase. Optimizing online for your local market is where the smart money is going these days especially when you consider that natural search visibility sends FREE traffic to your website.

Another great place for your business listing is on Google Maps or Google Places. That local map image shows up when someone adds a location to a search term. It could look like this “Vancouver Painters” instead of “Painters”. This style of search has created interest for local businesses because right now there are seven links on the right hand side of the map above the natural results. This means a well optimized website could have three or four listings on page one when done correctly.

Maximizing Visibility

  • The quickest way to advertise online is by using Googles AdWords
  • Your ad is seen on the right hand side of the page in your specific market.
  • The next place to focus on would be to optimize your Google Places Profile.
  • That gives you the chance to show up beside the Maps
  • First page placement in Natural Search is the third listing
  • Showing up in Natural search gives you “Authority” by default

Stake Your Claim Online

Local online search is heating up, and right now is a good time to re-direct your advertising budget to an online strategy. Every market is different of course regarding competition, but the end results of a fully optimized website can be a game changer for your company.

In SEO circles we know that some keywords are not searched on very often, but dominating that space increases your chance of closing more business. That category of commercial  intent keyword is the most highly sought after, because prospects have usually reached the end of their research cycle and are ready to buy at that point. So being the dominant choice makes you the winner!

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Your SEO Guide

If you’re like many business owners, you’re sitting there wondering just how to get your website up on Google so you’re at the top of page one and getting all those customers you know are out there – but just can’t seem to reach. If you’ve ever told yourself, “I need to know how to get my website on Google,” then you’ve come to the right place.

How To Get My Website On Google

Online commerce is critical in today’s business world and if you’re not at the top of the search engine rankings, you are losing out big time! There’s no question that being on page one, and especially at the top of page one, in the search engine rankings is critical to not only survive as a business but to thrive. Even among the dozens of search engines out there you have the big three of Google, Yahoo, and Bing – and even out of that trio Google stands head and shoulders above them all. Getting to the top is possible: read on to learn how.

What Do You Need To Get To The Top Of Google?

There’s a short answer to this question and a long answer to this question. The short answer is simple: you need good search engine optimization (SEO) to help get your website from where you are to where you want it to be. Most people have at least heard of SEO, and understand that this is the practice of doing all the little things right to get ranked higher in the search engines, but most people aren’t aware of just how complicated SEO can be.

There are over 200 known factors that go into consideration when a search engine like Yahoo, Bing, or Google looks at a website. Some are more important than others, but that number should give you pause. Not only that, but what exactly is considered changes all the time. PageRank used to be a major part of gaining SEO authority in Google, but now it has been retired for good – it simply doesn’t exist anymore. Other factors change in importance. A prime example of this is having a mobile-friendly or “responsive” website. Originally this didn’t affect things much at all, and then for a while it gave a website a nice little boost or bonus, but wasn’t a major factor.

However, now it is one of the single most important factors Google looks at when ranking websites. Non-mobile sites are penalized heavily. Many of the most important factors in ranking are “gray area” in and of themselves. In other words Google talks a lot about “Trust” and “Authority.” So how exactly do they determine if a website is trustworthy or an authority in its niche? Truth be told, no one is 100% sure. There are plenty of clues and certain actions most quality SEO consultants believe can help, but no one but Google knows for sure and even then there probably isn’t one guy with a list of every single bullet point that goes under these topics.

Keep in mind those are just the ranking factors that we know about. There are many others that are held close to the vest that most SEO consultants probably don’t know about, yet if you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts to shoot your website to the top of the search engine rankings then you need to figure out a way to tackle all of these points and to maintain your website through the multiple changes and adjustments Google and the other search engines use to change how they rank websites.

This is why you need an experienced and talented SEO consultant who can tackle the full time job of taking care of your SEO needs while you keep working on making your business as dependable, reputable, and profitable as possible.

How To Get My Website On Google With On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO, also often referred to as on-page SEO, refers to anything that is actually on the front end of the website that Google looks at. These are the features that most people see. The text, the pictures & multi-media, the design, that sort of thing. This also includes any of the really basic surface level programming such as meta and alt tags, headline tags, and making sure there’s a sitemap for search engine spiders to crawl. There are many different factors that go into optimizing a website to be exactly what Google wants to see, and it is an enormous amount of work whether you’re just looking to rank locally or if you want national attention. Most low hanging fruit is found with a little on-site work, yet even changing “little things” can be an enormous amount of work, which is why it is so important to fix up. The better the site looks by SEO standards, the more effective all other work will be in helping it to crawl up the rankings.

Just a short list of major on-site factors include:

  • High quality original content
  • Recent updates or new content (blogs are great for this)
  • Buttons connecting to social media accounts
  • Proper alt, title, and meta tags on every page
  • Keyword density under 2%
  • Pretty and functional graphics and design
  • Multi-media use and long content is a big plus
  • How To Get My Website On Google With Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO can get a little trickier. It requires a lot of knowledge, some technical expertise, and the ability to use advanced tools, connections, and good old fashioned leg work to put together an effective campaign that will get you the results that you are looking for. If you are a complete novice when it comes to the technical side of things online, then you’re facing a serious uphill battle to get the off-page SEO factors they way they need to be for your site to succeed. How good is your hosting, really?

Do you understand how backlinks work and what ratio you need to get the right boost out of them without being penalized? Do you know how to link out to authority websites to build trust without building up your competition? These are all extremely important factors that need to be handled very carefully. Getting penalized can be a death sentence for a website, but not having any off-site SEO can doom it to wallow in a trickle of online traffic while your competition gets a flood.

Just a short list of major off-site factors include:

  • Quality of your hosting both in speed and up time
  • Bounce rate
  • Average length of time a reader spends on your website
  • Number of high quality backlinks to your website from authority sites in your niche
  • The proper variety/percentage of brand name vs. keyword anchors for your backlinks
  • How many years your domain name is purchased for
  • The age of your website/URL

You Must Avoid Major Penalties!

This is maybe the single most important piece of SEO advice that anyone can receive, and is often a reason many businesses either hire a full time SEO consultant, or even an entire department in-house: so they don’t have to worry about updates and learning what changed. Someone else will handle it. While there are over 200 different ranking factors, this doesn’t mean all of them are equal in importance. Not having alt tags on photos isn’t going to sink any website.

On the other hand, spamming the alt tags with tons of keywords will get a website penalized (meaning knocked out of the rankings completely) and that can be virtually impossible to recover from. Major penalties include blatantly manipulating or spamming backlinks to your website, keyword stuffing your content, having malware on your website, or having a website that is not mobile-friendly and doesn’t have a mobile friendly version. Those are the most common reasons to be penalized, but there are actually many more.

Why You Need Professional SEO Help

Good search engine optimization is not only a challenge, it is a full time job by itself. If you are working to build up a new company or business then you need to focus on taking care of your customers, building up your advertising, and building up the type of reputation that gets you to the top of your field. You can’t spend 40-60 hours a week long-term on SEO even if it is crucial to getting the most growth and the most bang for your buck. Those hours are even assuming you know what you’re doing and don’t need to spend time learning, learning where the newest updates come out, and that you somehow avoid all penalties that litter SEO like landmines.

What’s This All Mean To You?

When you first say “I need to learn how to get my website on Google,” that’s the first step to getting things done, but SEO isn’t just something to dabble in. It’s a white collar version of a highly specialized field. You wouldn’t do your own electrical work: you’d hire the electrician so you didn’t get a shock and burn down your house. You need a high level SEO specialist to help your site today and get you the traffic your business deserves! For more information please watch our informative video that outlines the top five reasons why your business can benefit from hiring a Search Engine Optimization Professional


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What is SEO

If you own, run or manage a business than you are well aware that everyone and their brother will offer you SEO services. Even if you have ever just registered a domain your email will be flooded with emails of all sorts all offering some variation of Internet marketing services. Most are in broken English and just give you a bad vibe about all SEO agencies. But if you have been building your business solely on work of mouth you may be wondering what SEO is and what the heck it means.

When you open your email, turn on the tv, facebook, radio or drive you will see and hear ads, billboards and commercials. Pretty much every ad you see and hear are the same junk. All promising you the world as long as you sign up for an annual contracted. And that is all they care about. Get you signed up take your money and you never hear from them again until you stop paying the bill. You pay a lot of money just to feel like you are doing what you know has to be done. If you have a bad taste in your mouth about SEO than you already know about Yellow Pages, Dex Media, and Yext.

These “big boys” don’t care about your goals or business they just need to make sure they are signing up more people each month than are leaving. You will know you are on the right track of discovering an SEO company that will actually help you when the company wants to review all your business information, plans and goals before proceeding with pricing. This means they are just as concerned about your business making a ton of cash as they are about paying their own bills.

Now why do you need SEO and what exactly it? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. To sum up SEO for all to understand it helps your website, product, video, or pictures be found in Google’s organic search results. Organic just meaning natural and not an ad. On each page of Google there are 10 organic search results, from webpages to videos. For local searches like “plumbers near me” you will also see what is called the Google Snack pack. This is the map area that shows 3 businesses near you that provide the service or product you are looking for.

If you are reading this than you already know being on the first page of Google is key to growing your profits from online leads and sales. The vast majority of people never make it to page 2 so if you aren’t on page 1 than it’s like you don’t even have a website, kind of like the age old question “if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”

Page 2 means you are losing a ton of cash to those 10 competitors that are proudly displayed in the first 10 results. Having quality trusted SEO helps get you there. Massive amounts of work is involved to do SEO on any website, video or product. That is why you should run away as fast as you can when you are being offered $99 or $199 for monthly services. Quality SEO work has too much involved to get any actual meaning changes to your rankings at this below poverty rate.

Search engine optimization done correctly consists of all sorts of variables if you want long lasting meaningful results. Every product, video, business and site will be different but some of the key things that happen during the optimizing are:

  • Optimizing every word on your site
  • Optimizing the pictures on your website from size to the geo tagging code
  • Optimizing every description and alt tag of any picture on your site
  • Optimizing the footer section
  • Optimizing the header section
  • Properly tracking traffic, clicks, visit durations, bounce rates
  • Optimizing the inner link structure on each page
  • Making sure you have a solid social media platform
  • Providing great optimized content that is useful to readers
  • Sharing, liking, tweeting +1ing on social media
  • Having other sites give you the head nod triggering Google to pay attention to you
  • Making great optimized videos, with titles, descriptions, closed captions and links
  • Sharing those videos
  • Providing relevant and meaningful info to your customers, not just sales letters and coupons.
  • Making sure you website is mobile-friendly and mobile optimized

This is just the start of what a reputable SEO company will do for your business, website, videos and or products! Further details are just boring and won’t make sense to anyone outside of the field of internet marketing.

So now are equipped with more knowledge on what SEO is and what is involved so the next time you are offered services for less than the guy at McDonalds charges you can scratch your head and wonder how any one could actually help you grow your online presence for pennies an hour. Also just say no to anyone promising a #1 ranking! It is completely impossible for anyone to know what Google will do tomorrow and making promises you have no control of is irresponsible and just plain stupid. Another thing to remember when it comes to SEO is you are looking at 6-9 months to be on the first page in a competitive market. The awesomeness of doing optimizing correctly though is once you get up there on page 1 of your company can really scale back, and monthly fees should reflect that.

If you are looking for quality internet marketing there is an Albany SEO agency that can really help drive more traffic to your website and help you pocket a ton of cash when all is said and done.

Making Digital Internet Marketing & Security Meet Hand In Hand

There are very few business owners who think about Internet Marketing for their business and online security at the same time. While both topics are extremely important, there aren’t necessarily a lot of places where they seem to meet – at least at first glance. However if you dig just a little bit deeper then it quickly becomes apparent that the two might be a lot more closely related than you originally thought.

The Internet and Security

Any time you’re thinking about Internet marketing it is a very good idea to make sure you are also thinking about security, as well.

Should You Get An SSL Certificate?

This is a question that used to seem really clear as far as a yes/no answer, but it’s a bit more muddled now. If your website processes payments directly then it absolutely needs to have an SSL for the sake of providing security. In theory, if you gather any personal information and that even includes picking up e-mail addresses, you’re supposed to have an SSL certificate, although many sites didn’t used to.

Google has made comments that it does give an SEO boost to websites that have an SSL certificate. There have even been rumors that in the future Google will want to see an SSL on every major website they rank. While it’s hard to imagine massive penalties for business and niche sites that don’t have an SSL, a few years ago it was hard to imagine massive SEO penalties for every website that was not mobile friendly, but that happened.

Internet marketers looking at the long term health of their website or their clients’ websites will at least have to give it some thought.

Protect Your Website From Malware

One thing that will cause a website and all its associated online accounts to get slapped out of the rankings is malware. This can be from bad coding within a website theme, a malicious attack from a hacker, or a variety of other potential issues. The problem is that the after effects can go well after an initial attack.

If you have any type of a reputation from a Google search crawl or Yahoo search crawl, it can take an actual request for inclusion to break back in. What happens if Norton or an anti-virus monitor has you has a problem website or one with a history of malware? Look for high security and good software solutions from the beginning. It’s worth the extra payment for protection so your Internet marketing efforts don’t end up being for nothing.

Because make no mistake, no matter how well the programs are going, that will stop cold the moment problems with harmful software or malware comes into the picture. This is also why long and detailed passwords are so popular for both a hosting account and for the website design.

In Conclusion

Internet marketing is great, but without solid security you’re just asking for trouble. Attention is great when it’s the good kind from customers – but you have to be ready for the potential issues that could be right there

Local Marketing Plus

Good Search Results Using Local SEO Services

The use of local seo services is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing that is available to a business of any size attempting to establish a following within the market today. A belief that simply having a business would be all that is needed in order to start generating a base of customers is something that is common when new business professionals open their doors for the first time. However, they quickly come to realize that things may not be as simple as they would have hoped.

Advertising is the Life Blood of all Business

No matter what it is that you are attempting to sell to the people within your community, they currently have a massive amount of options to choose from. Additionally, many of these customers have established relationships with other companies that they will likely continue due to past experiences. If you have a desire to gain a percentage of the local customer base, you will have to look into popular methods of online marketing that can help you to take a different approach when it comes to getting your business the attention that it needs.

When you have something different and unique to offer the market, it can take some time in order for people to get comfortable with the thought of heading into your place of business on a regular basis. However, you should also look into creating an interest through using local online optimization services in order to help people find out about your company and what you have to offer them.

Attract New Customers

Do not assume that just because you are running a local business people will choose to come into your store each and every day that you are open. Instead, you should focus on offering something unique and different that can help you to stand out when potential customers stack what you have to offer with the alternatives that are already on the market. The way that you get noticed without spending a large amount of money on advertising would also be vital to making the most of any resources that you have available. For lower mainland businesses a good choice is the company listed below. They specialize in local SEO Vancouver BC, specifically home service companies.

Alternative Media

Advertising through social media can be a simple and effective way to boost the variety of people that begin to pay attention to your business and what you have been doing. If you are able to stay consistent while getting the word out about what it is that you are offering, you will find that reputation begins to result in local customers that would be the key to a following you need in order to become as successful as possible. Having a local business means that you should always provide friendly service that people are happy to make a part of their lives, but marketing the correct way is important.

Search Engine Optimization Company Vancouver BC

The use of SEO services would be the key to making online marketing work for your needs. Once you start to use search services, you would easily be able to create awareness within the community and when you put this in place today. If you are serious about getting your business to rise to the top in search engines then take a look at this company in North Vancouver BC

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Powerful Solutions for Difficult Search Positions

Yellow-PagesOne of the biggest online media problems any service oriented business has to solve, is to first achieve top search positions. The other problem is to maintain those positions. In the dog eat dog world of home services, media dependency is more the norm than most like to believe.

Search engine optimization has become the new Yellow Pages now, and getting found on page one is equivalent to one of the old quarter page or half page ads in the Yellow Pages. The top three positions on first page in search are the coveted spots where over 60% of all searches end up in a click through and visit to the site.

Traffic and Sales Conversion

When you are getting a majority of the traffic in your niche, chances are good that the phone will ring and new business will follow. Unfortunately that is not always the case. These days there is a lot of competition with visually appealing websites, so it is important to make an immediate impression.

People have become accustomed to higher levels of professionalism when searching for any service company now. They expect to be impressed by something in the first few seconds, otherwise they will back out and keep searching. They are looking for something that will evoke trust, quality, experience… things designed to sway them to call you instead of a competitor.

There are a number of obvious factors when it comes to making a favorable impression with a prospective customer. The visual appeal of a website is important, but if there is too much graphics then you may lose them with a lack of content. Balance is important if you want to make a good first impression. Things like an explanation of experience and accomplishments in the field will help. Even better, write about what a customer will get when hiring you for service work. They want to know what’s in it for them.

Professional Associations

Graphics and Icons from professional associations you are a member of can be linked from your site to the exact profile. This helps evoke trust and shows a level of commitment on your end. The BBB is a good example of that. Have someone call your local BBB rep and ask for their tracking code to your membership profile. Then send that code to your webmaster so people can click from your site to your BBB profile.

Reputation-ManagementYour Online Reputation

Another conversion factor is the online reputation of your company. When people have time to research the service they are interested in they will look for online reviews. They want to see what other people have to say about their experience with your service. This is a form of social proof that we all use to help make decisions, because we are too busy to go into extensive research on everything we need to deal with day to day.

Fact: Few people will voluntarily write reviews on purchases. We are all consumers living in a world full of choices. Do you go around writing reviews on everything you buy? Of course not, so why would anyone expect their customers to do that. What really motivates someone to write a review is when they feel like they were treated poorly or ripped off. Then watch out!

Online reviews have actually helped raise the level of customer service in some industries. Google probably knew this when they decided to include reviews as a ranking signal for search. If your business is not asking for reviews then we suggest that you consider doing that. Everyone gets the occasional bad review and that’s normal. The thing you must do is get as many positive reviews as possible, so when prospects are looking at your review profile they see a balance of good and not so good. That will actually look more natural than 5 star reviews on everything. A phony review profile is almost as bad as a ton of complaints.

To wrap things up, of the SEO factors mentioned in this article, the most important is reputation. You don’t need top search positions to get traffic… that can be done with paid advertising. You do need a good reputation though. People will search for your company name and add reviews or reputation behind the name as a search phrase to see what others have to say. Good work helps, but a good reputation will win the day.

For more information and a little more details, click on this link to read our article on local seo

Local SEO can be a Boon to Your Business

It comes down to this: your phone needs to ring. For that to happen, your business needs to be visible in local search results – particularly Google Places (AKA Google+), Yelp and N49, and also more localized search engines. Getting your business to the first page – the only page that matters – is a challenging and complex issue and not one that can be managed by amateurs. Various aspects of your online presence need to be managed if you are to be truly successful.

Local-SEO1Google Places Listing

Auditing your Google Places listing is one of the essential steps to getting search engine results. Local SEO people best see the local picture and can implement fixes and make sure it’s perfectly optimized.


So very, very important. It’s essential to determine which specific words and phrases local customers use to search for the product or service you offer. A local SEO firm will also create a reporting system that allows you to monitor the results of their efforts.

Link Auditing

Google monitors links constantly, penalizing businesses that have put unsuitable links in place. Most businesses are unaware they have been penalized, but it’s important to find out if yours has and then correct the situation.


Your existing citations need to be analyzed and compared to those of your competitors. This enables identifying new citation opportunities in your area. Then, of course, your local SEO specialist will get you listed. Also, your existing citations could very well require corrections and removal of duplicates and your listings need to be enhanced with as much appropriate information as possible.


Of course, it’s all for naught if you don’t have an engaging website that gives potential clients the information they need. A good SEO firm will fine-tune your site, making sure you have all the right pages and ensuring all those pages are well-built. Your site’s success is also determined by myriad things “behind the scene”, which they also attend to, working hand-in-hand with you to get the improvements in place.


Good reviews, or “social proof”, are an essential part of today’s business. You role in getting good reviews that attract new customers is by making customers happy and encouraging them to post positive reviews. But there’s a little more to it, again “behind the scene”, and that’s where a local SEO organization will help.

Content Help

The content on your web site is critical, though it isn’t as easy as some think. The expertise to make sure that your content is appropriate, attractive and effective is specialized and should not be left to amateurs.

Social Media

This is a big – and growing – aspect of business success and figuring out which social sites are important to your business isn’t easy. Nor is managing your social content and campaigns.

Ongoing Strategy

SEO doesn’t maintain itself. Search engines constantly change algorithms and your competitors regularly adjust their Internet presence in an effort to get to the top and stay there. That’s why you need to monitor your online strategies and make the changes that will keep you on the first page and keep your phone ringing. Good, local SEO businesses represent the best way for you to do that.


Building A Local Business

SEO onlineHaving a place that people within the local community can come and spend a bit of their extra time while also being able to obtain great products at a reasonable price would be all that you are going to need to practice in order to find a decent level of success for your operation. Setting yourself up correctly is something that can be very hard if you lack the experience of having gone through building a business from the ground up in the past.

One of the easiest ways for you to approach advertising would be to assume that there is nobody in the market that understands your business or why they should spend their money at your location. Using local SEO services could be an effective way of putting digital marketing to work for your operation as quickly as possible. If you keep up with trends in the market today, you know that some of the most profitable companies in the world have turned to online marketing to help them increase their potential all around the world when attempting to secure a new audience.

Local Marketing Online

When you have a business that is located in a great community, you may come to expect that people are going to walk in on their own and grab any of the products you have for sale. Instead, you quickly find out that local search services are important for making people comfortable with the idea of coming in when you are open and seeing what you have to offer.

Even better, if you are able to get five or six positions on page one in search for your most important keywords, then you would be in a position to dominate search results and beat the competition. This can be accomplished with a good SEO agency.  You can search for them with keywords like SEO Vancouver, SEO agency in Seattle. Just replace Seattle of Vancouver with the city you live in.

Being a local business means that you have the additional responsibility of creating the feeling that they are welcomed whenever they would like. If someone is made to feel at home, they are going to choose to spend money on some of the products that you may be marketing at the moment. The key to getting to the point of being well known within any community would be to focus on friendly service and great customer interactions whenever someone steps foot in your doors. Also, you want to look into the use of social media tools that can provide you with a source of reliable reach within the market.

Your Reputation Counts

Word of mouth is often thought of as a great way to create awareness about the quality of your products, but you will find that social websites serve to offer the same results today. It is important that you are aware of your reputation and take a proactive approach in managing it at all times. When you are seen in a more positive light by people that live just blocks away from your store, they will easily reward you by making a larger amount of purchases. The best way for you to remain in the position of being thought of as a great company that people want to experience interactions with would be to always focus on delivering a great experience to each and every customer. When you are consistent, you will begin to win over the locals within your community.

If you are already doing great work and have a loyal following then it might be time to step up your game and hire a professional search engine optimization team.