How To Attract More Qualified Prospects Online

It’s no secret that your customers are searching for you online. Statistics show that a majority of people prefer to research a product or service online before buying rather than looking in the Yellow Pages for instance. Consumers have matured over the last few decades and will make a buying decision once they are satisfied with what they find.

Smart business owners recognize that trend and are taking steps to increase their online visibility, so the competition is heating up right now for local search engine optimization. The entry fee for an effective online presence can be pricey, and the choices are either do it yourself or hire someone. Online marketing done correctly it is a time consuming slow growth process with purpose.

How Customers Find You Online

Studies show that a majority of online searches have local intent and that about 30% of those searches end with a purchase. Optimizing online for your local market is where the smart money is going these days especially when you consider that natural search visibility sends FREE traffic to your website.

Another great place for your business listing is on Google Maps or Google Places. That local map image shows up when someone adds a location to a search term. It could look like this “Vancouver Painters” instead of “Painters”. This style of search has created interest for local businesses because right now there are seven links on the right hand side of the map above the natural results. This means a well optimized website could have three or four listings on page one when done correctly.

Maximizing Visibility

  • The quickest way to advertise online is by using Googles AdWords
  • Your ad is seen on the right hand side of the page in your specific market.
  • The next place to focus on would be to optimize your Google Places Profile.
  • That gives you the chance to show up beside the Maps
  • First page placement in Natural Search is the third listing
  • Showing up in Natural search gives you “Authority” by default

Stake Your Claim Online

Local online search is heating up, and right now is a good time to re-direct your advertising budget to an online strategy. Every market is different of course regarding competition, but the end results of a fully optimized website can be a game changer for your company.

In SEO circles we know that some keywords are not searched on very often, but dominating that space increases your chance of closing more business. That category of commercial  intent keyword is the most highly sought after, because prospects have usually reached the end of their research cycle and are ready to buy at that point. So being the dominant choice makes you the winner!

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